Best price solar street light in Philippines, and top solar garden wall light

Solar resources and solar street light in Philippines

New energy can generate electricity for infrastructure construction and daily life. With the gradual shortage of traditional resources, the use of new energy such as solar and wind energy has become a development trend in the Philippines and the world.

According to the Philippine Renewable Energy Law, it has installed 1.06 GW of installed capacity in the first half of 2020. The country plans to install 15 gigawatts of clean energy by 2030.

Our daily life is can’t do without lighting, but traditional electric lighting will incur electricity costs. And it is necessary to maintain and replace lines and other configurations for a long time. Recommend several solar garden wall lights and integrated solar street lights in the Philippines :

Solar street Light

Angle adjustable solar wall light

Solar well Light

Uniquely designed solar garden light

Application advantages of solar lights in the Philippines

Solar power led street lights are easy to install, do not require wiring, and will not incur subsequent maintenance costs. Compared with traditional electric lights, solar lamps are safer, and more environmentally friendly. Solar led lights use solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity for lighting. It is the best lighting solution for unstable or power shortage areas, such as remote rural areas, mountainous areas and islands.

The Philippines has a monsoon tropical rainforest climate, with high temperatures and rainy typhoons. The annual average temperature is 27°C. The west has a dry season (11-April of the following year) and a rainy season (May-October). The east coast has rained all year round, with the most rain in winter. The southern area is also rainy all year round, and there is no clear distinction between dry and rainy seasons. The Pacific Ocean in the east is the source of typhoons, and there are more typhoons from June to November every year. According to the weather conditions in the Philippines, you can choose solar street lamps with better waterproof, wind resistance and erosion resistance.

Sresky’s solar lamps have a waterproof rating of IP65 and are corrosion resistant. Besides Sresky’s products have three core technologies, namely ALS technology, TCS technology, FAS technology.

ALS can automatically extend the lighting time, allowing solar lights to work as usual for 8-10 days on rainy days. And when the battery power (>30%) drops, the brightness can still maintain 100%.

TCS can protect the battery so that the solar light can work as usual at the temperature of -20℃-60℃.

FAS developed by Sresky can provide timely feedback on the problems of solar lights and solve them efficiently.

Sresky is a professional solar lighting manufacturer, the best choice to buy Solar Powered street garden lights online in the Philippines

Sresky Outdoor lighting fixtures Manufacturer 

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