Alpha Solar Flood Lights New Arrival

In this era of innovation and sustainability, we bring you a new solar light that redefines the nighttime lighting experience. Not only does this fixture have basic solar photovoltaic capabilities, but it also incorporates a range of smart designs that make it your new lighting choice.

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The intelligent design of the rain sensor pushes the Alpha solar street light to a new level of safe driving. On rainy and cloudy days, this intelligent sensor responds quickly to allow the solar street light to automatically switch to a soft warm light, bringing a warmer and more pleasant lighting environment to the road.

This is not only to create a beautiful night atmosphere, but also to improve driving safety. The soft warm light not only reduces glare, but also helps to improve visibility, making it easier for drivers to recognise the road and their surroundings. In adverse weather conditions, Alpha solar street lights become an intelligent protector of urban traffic, creating a safer driving environment for motorists.

Whether it’s a busy city street or a suburban road, the precise intelligence of the rain sensor makes the Alpha Solar Street Light a reliable partner for drivers and pedestrians. In every rainy night, it is a safety barrier at night in the city, providing a more secure travelling experience for every pedestrian and driver on the road.

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Innovative design: display visualisation icons

The solar light is equipped with a display, all functions are presented in the form of visual icons, so that customers can understand at a glance.

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Plug and play interfaces: multiple solutions to meet real-world needs

In order to meet the diverse needs of users in practical applications, our solar floodlights are equipped with plug-and-play interfaces, which can be easily connected to a variety of devices such as adapters, backup batteries, solar panels, etc., providing you with more flexibility and options.

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Various installation methods and adjustable angle:

it can be used as a street light or wall light, and the angle can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different scenes.


Multi-function remote control:

dual colour temperature switching, brightness adjustment, PIR sensor switching, allowing users to freely adjust the light according to personal preferences and environmental needs.

Wide temperature range of battery: suitable for all kinds of climate

The product battery has a wide temperature range, which can work normally in all kinds of climate conditions, providing continuous and stable lighting service for your city.

Basic functions: Intelligent control at the touch of a button

Colour Temperature Switching and PIR Sensor:

With a simple button operation, you can easily switch the colour temperature and PIR sensor on/off, and control the light and darkness freely.
Switching on/off and mode switching: One-touch operation, convenient and quick.
Restore Factory Settings: When needed, long press the button to restore the luminaire to factory settings, ensuring that everything is always as good as new.

Product Details

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