Which Type of Solar Street Light Pole is Best?

Concrete Light Poles

Solar concrete light poles are a special type of solar street light pole, which consists of prefabricated cement components. Concrete light poles are installed by mounting the prefabricated concrete elements on a foundation that has been cured and hardened. The advantages of solar concrete poles are quick installation, lighter weight poles and better wind resistance.

Concrete light poles are more often used in coastal areas because mixed concrete can withstand higher wind loads. However, it has the disadvantage of being more costly and more difficult to replace and maintain. They are too heavy and dangerous for solar light installations.

Iron solar street light poles

Iron solar street light poles are a common type of solar street light pole, which are made of iron plates or steel tubes. Iron solar street light poles have high strength and plasticity to support the installation of solar panels and battery modules.

In addition, iron solar street light poles are also highly resistant to wind and weathering and can work for long periods. However, iron is not resistant to corrosion and it is also a good conductor of electricity, which can pose a safety hazard for use near homes.

Aluminum alloy solar light poles

The aluminum solar pole is also a common type of solar street light pole. It is usually made of aluminum alloy, which is very light in weight and will not rust or corrode. Aluminum has a long service life of up to 50 years. This is why most solar street light manufacturers now use aluminum for their street light poles.


Stainless steel light poles

A solar stainless steel pole is a type of support used for the installation of solar lights. It is usually made of stainless steel and has the advantages of being corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant. They are extremely resistant to both electrochemical and weather conditions.

If you don’t have the budget, an aluminum pole might be a better choice, as stainless steel poles cost more than aluminum poles in person.

To sum up, you can choose different types of street light poles according to your usage environment and your budget, or you can always contact our professionals to get a quote for solar street light poles. If you want to know more about our products, please click SRESKY.

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