Four major pitfalls in the purchase of solar street lights!

The advantages of solar street lights are very many, such as environmental protection, energy saving, etc. Some customers want to buy solar street lights directly after understanding their advantages, but you must know the following 4 points before buying them!

The single-minded pursuit of high brightness

Although the higher brightness of a solar street light can provide more illumination, too much brightness may also lead to wasted energy. In addition, overly bright lighting may also cause damage to the human eye, affecting people’s vision and eye health.

Therefore, it is more important to choose the right brightness of solar street light that can provide sufficient illumination while saving energy and protecting human eye health.

Solar street lights use different amounts of electricity

The electricity consumption of solar street lights may vary. This depends mainly on the type, size and brightness of the street light. For example, some solar street lights may consume more electricity, produce more light and provide more illumination. While other solar street lights may consume less electricity, produce less light and provide less illumination.

Therefore, when choosing a solar street light, you should consider the amount of electricity used by the street light and choose one that will meet your actual needs while saving energy.

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Differences in the service life of street light components

The life expectancy of LED lamp holders is usually up to 50,000 hours, but solar street lighting systems are made up of several components that have different life expectancies. For example, solar panels typically have a life expectancy of 25 years, batteries 3-5 years and controllers 2-5 years.

Therefore, when choosing a solar street light, care should be taken to select high quality accessories to ensure a longer service life for the solar street light for a better value for money.

Price determines the product

The price reflects the cost and quality of a product. A low price is tempting but quality issues may give you a big headache at a later stage. The price of a solar street light may vary due to different factors, such as the type of street light, specifications, brand, features, etc.

Therefore, when choosing a solar street light, you should not only consider the price but also the quality, performance and reliability of the street light to get a product with high cost performance.

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