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Recommend several Malaysia solar street lights and solar garden wall lights for you:

Solar street light 

Malaysia solar street lights

Solar garden light

Solar wall light

Solar well Light

Advantages of using solar lights in Malaysia

The installation of solar outdoor lighting is simple, no wiring is required. It has a long service life and a wide range of uses. The powerful light produced by solar led lights is provided by solar Pv conversion, which it can’t run out. And no pollution, no noise, no radiation. The solar light has high technology content, no electric shock, so it is very safe.

Solar energy is the best natural resource used in renewable energy in Malaysia. Solar lights convert solar energy into electricity through solar panels and store them for night lighting. Malaysia is close to the equator and has abundant solar radiation, which is suitable for solar light fixtures.

Most parts of Malaysia have a tropical rainforest climate, with a few tropical monsoon climates in the north. The temperature is high throughout the year, and the highest can exceed 35 ℃. So when buying solar lights, you can choose solar lights with strong temperature resistance. Sresky’s products use TCS technology, which ensures the ordinary operation of street lamps in cold and hot weather.

Solar street light prices in Malaysia

Good quality solar powered garden lights in Malaysia, prices from dozens of dollars to more than three hundred dollars. solar led street light price in Malaysia

The Malaysian government attaches great importance to the investment and construction of infrastructures such as roads, ports, airports and electricity. Since 2014, Malaysian gradually forbid or die out the use of incandescent lamps in construction or real estate projects. Launched an environmentally friendly procurement plan to encourage everyone to switch from traditional lighting systems to LED lighting products. According to a news report in July 2019, Malaysia government plans to replace 105,813 street lights in all streets by 2022. Solar lights use LED lighting, and environmentally friendly, adapting to Malaysia’s development policy.

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