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solar landscape lighting

Advantages of Solar landscape lighting compared to low voltage wired landscape lighting

Solar landscape lighting fixtures can easily make a big difference to the look of your home after dusk. The right landscape lights can illuminate paths in your yard, provide you with protection at night, and can improve the overall ambience of your garden. Contemporary solar landscape lighting uses LED lighting, which has a long service life and is environmentally friendly. Non-led solar landscape lighting has almost been eliminated.

Solar vs low voltage wired landscape lighting: The differences between these landscape lights are money, ease of installation, maintenance, and style. Solar-powered landscape lighting is easy to install and is easier to maintain. Low voltage wired landscape lighting is more reliable and has more control options. But it is troublesome to install and difficult to maintain

What should pay attention to when installing solar powered landscape lighting?

The high-intensity solar landscape uplighting looks great and allows you to easily set up without having to worry about wires. Since sun garden lighting does not rely on electrical access, you can easily place them anywhere that gets good sunlight during the day.

Considering that solar landscape lighting doesn’t actually require any circuitry, installing outdoor PV lighting is a no-brainer. However, there are a few techniques you can use to optimize outdoor PV lighting for the best results. By considering variables like location, obstacles, and sunlight, you’re sure to enjoy outdoor sun exposure for years to come.

Determine the installation location:

Stay away from obstacles. You need to consider whether the location of the lighting will be a hindrance when maintaining or using the yard. You don’t want your child to trip over the lights while participating in outdoor activities during the day. Or place it where a car will run over it. Place them where they are clearly visible and will not interfere with daily activities.

The most important thing to consider when installing exterior sun lighting in your yard is positioning. If you’re lighting a road, you’ll want to place the lights relatively close to the road to ensure that the actual location of the path is quickly and easily found. Especially if the road is curvy. If you are lighting a landscape property, such as rocks and trees, you need to place the lights close enough to it so that they cast the desired amount of light on the object.

Avoid blocking:

Solar lighting requires direct sunlight to function, so you also want to make sure you get the maximum amount of direct sunlight every time. If you are installing a light fixture with a separate solar panel, place the panel in the sun. Make sure that the battery panel is not blocked, away from the shade of trees.

Charge your solar lights first:

After you get your new solar-powered landscape lighting, you can charge them first. It takes about 12 to 14 hours of sunlight to fully charge. They can be placed outdoors in a sunny location so that the batteries are fully charged before installing new lights.


When installing the light, if the soil is hard, do not force the light pole into the soil. Excessive force may damage your solar landscape lighting. The soil can be watered to soften the ground. Or loosen the soil with a shovel or garden fork and insert the light pole.

We have slightly heavy-duty solar landscape lighting with poles for a wide range of lighting. There is also in-ground solar landscape lighting and smaller pathway landscape lighting.

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