Which kind of solar garden light is of good quality?

2020-12-22 14:04:25

        Light source selection

  With the wide application of LED lamp beads in road lighting, attention should be paid to the brightness of the light source, antistatic ability, light-emitting angle, lifetime, chip size, and other detailed parameters to ensure that the light source achieves a good lighting effect when selecting a light source.

  Lamp head power selection

  Because solar garden lights use low-voltage DC work, in order to ensure the stability of the garden light system, the constant current source used in most garden lights in terms of power supply effectively ensures the service life of the system.

solar garden light

  Lamp holder design

  In the selection of lamp holders, attention should be paid to the design of lamp size, material, and lamp style, and the process of lamp assembly should be minimized to ensure the quality of the garden lamp.

  Shape design

  In terms of shape design, most courtyard light poles choose high-quality aluminum profiles, integrated design, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and novel appearance to meet the requirements of landscape lighting for the shape of courtyard lights.

  When purchasing solar garden lights, only according to the actual lighting needs to complete the configuration requirements of street light components can ensure that solar garden lights achieve good applications in landscape lighting.