Integrated solar street lights-the development trend of solar street lights

2020-10-20 11:49:46

        Speaking of street lights, everyone knows that street lights are mainly used for road street lighting. Traditional street lights use mains electricity. City circuit lights are not only complicated to install, require high electricity and maintenance costs, and also have safety risks. With the country’s new energy-saving Recommended by the environmental protection society, solar street lights are gradually replacing city circuit lights. This energy-saving and environmentally friendly product have attracted the attention of the whole society as soon as it is launched. With the development of solar street lights, integrated solar street lights have gradually become well-known, so what is integration What about solar street lights?

Integrated solar street lights

  The integrated solar street light is relative to the split solar street light. Simply put, it is to integrate the battery panel, battery, controller, and LED light source into a single lamp holder, and then configure the light pole or arm to install. Basically, one or two people can complete the installation in a short time, which can save manpower, material resources, and financial resources.

  The main feature of the integrated solar street light is an easy installation. It can be said to be a fool-type installation. It will be installed when you can screw the screws. It eliminates the need to install battery panel brackets, install lamp holders, and make battery pits for traditional split solar street lights, which greatly saves labor costs and construction costs. Integrated solar street lights have been upgraded in design and performance, such as batteries. Now, most street lamp batteries are installed with lithium batteries, which are much higher in performance than traditional street lamp batteries.

Integrated solar street lights

  For the market of integrated solar street lights, it is also deeply liked by everyone, but finding a reliable manufacturer is the key factor, which is directly related to the quality of the product.