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Why should solar street light batteries be buried in the ground?

The buried type is mainly related to the battery type. Solar street light batteries are mostly colloidal and lead-acid batteries, which are larger and heavier, and cannot be placed inside the lamp head or suspended, but only buried. Moreover, the battery should be kept at the most stable temperature possible.

Both high and low temperatures can affect all kinds of batteries, especially lead-acid batteries because liquid and gel electrolyte batteries have very low performance and high losses at low temperatures.

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In addition to this reason, there are 3 other benefits of burying the batteries of solar street lights underground.


 Protect the battery

Burying the battery in the ground can effectively protect the battery from damage, such as being stolen or deliberately damaged by someone.


Batteries are generally used under -30℃~-60℃, but in an extremely cold environment, the performance of solar street light batteries will be affected, so it is necessary to install solar lights in extremely cold areas and bury the batteries in 2M more deep underground.

The temperature underground is usually a bit higher than the ground, so burying it underground can maintain a certain temperature, thus helping the battery to keep working properly.

Prevent water ingress

The battery must not be in contact with water, otherwise, it will lead to battery damage and may even lead to safety hazards. Therefore, when installing solar street lights, you need to try to ensure that the battery does not come into contact with water.

To prevent the battery from getting wet with water, you can cover it with cement all around, or you can use a waterproof battery box.

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In addition, a lithium battery is one of the commonly used solar street light batteries, which is small in size, light in weight and has many charges and discharge times.

It can be installed under the solar panel, but the battery needs to be locked in the battery box, which can reduce the possibility of theft to some extent.

Most of the integrated street lights use lithium batteries, which are easy to install and require no maintenance.

The battery in the solar street light is one of the very important components, so we should choose the battery with better performance when configuring the solar street light, which can prolong its service life.

But putting them underground doesn’t guarantee that the batteries won’t be damaged. This is because ground water can cause leakage and corrosion of the battery. Only in climates where the water table is low and external storage conditions are unfavorable will the batteries be put underground.

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