the principle of the solar street light

First, the principle of the solar street light system

The working principle of the system is simple. The solar cell made by the photovoltaic effect principle during the day receives solar radiation energy and converts it into electrical output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller, and the illuminance gradually decreases to about 10lux at night, The open-circuit voltage of the solar panel is about 4.5V. After the charge and discharge controller detects this voltage, the battery will discharge the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 8 hours, the charge and discharge controller will act, and the battery discharge ends. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

Secondly, the main components of solar street lights are introduced

Solar cell module: According to the principle of the photovoltaic effect, it is made of crystalline silicon. Its function is to convert solar radiant energy into electric energy. It has a certain ability to prevent rain, hail, and wind. The battery components can be connected in series or in parallel according to actual needs.

Street lamp controller: Converts the DC current from the solar cell array to the battery, and at the same time performs charge and discharge management of the battery to protect the safety of the battery and effectively use solar energy.

Energy storage battery: During the day, the electrical energy from the solar battery is converted into chemical energy for storage, and the energy storage battery releases electrical energy at night, and the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy for use by the load.

LED light source: The current common light sources are DC energy-saving lamps, high-frequency induction lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, and LED light sources. As a semiconductor light source, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption and high light efficiency. It is the most ideal light source for solar street lights.

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