How to use solar area light to effectively improve the brightness of outdoor tennis courts?

How to use solar area light to effectively improve the brightness of outdoor tennis courts?

In recent years, with the deepening of environmental protection propaganda, people’s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, and photovoltaic products such as solar lights have become increasingly popular in various fields. The most common is that solar street light has gradually replaced traditional lighting.

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The Solar area light is widely used in sports, so is solar area lighting used for open tennis courts?

With the increase in the number of tennis players and the demand for tennis courts, the market prospects for tennis courts are extremely broad.

Tennis is a valuable sport, whether it is a pastime or a means of improving health. Many people in life become a social platform because of the elegant movement.

However, in terms of lighting, the lighting effects of some tennis courts are still not good enough and the design is not mature. This is mainly reflected in the single lighting mode, not primary or secondary. Illumination is not marked or too high, lack aesthetic sense, etc., and is also very poor in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction. Lighting is a very important part of the tennis court. It not only meets the lighting requirements of tennis competitions but also meets certain international standards for lighting, colour and glare. Lighting requirements for auditoriums and other areas can be adapted to different environments to achieve different lighting effects.

Professional tennis players have a lot to do with professional training and professional outdoor tennis lighting. So, is the solar area lighting that is widely used today used for open-air tennis courts instead of the traditional lighting used in outdoor tennis courts? Outdoor tennis court lighting is both casual and professional. Outdoor tennis court lighting cannot be ignored. If the outdoor tennis court does not have good lighting, causing glare and ghosting, the probability of accidents will increase.

Therefore, outdoor tennis lighting can save energy. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of outdoor tennis court lighting, the power consumption is small, the visible light energy ratio is high, and the effective visual light effect is high.

Outdoor tennis court lighting should be clear and visually pleasing. In terms of design requirements, tennis court lighting must have optimized light transmission characteristics. Stadium lighting must be achieved.

A horizontal illumination value must also have a certain vertical illumination value. Moreover, the ratio of horizontal to vertical illumination also requires science.

So is there a better solar area light that can solve the problem of outdoor tennis court lighting?

Of course, there are some, as long as the solar area lights meet the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. And in line with the appearance and design of high-end luminaires, solving and avoiding the problems of traditional outdoor lighting can be effectively applied

So what do you think is the way to improve the outdoor tennis court lighting and enhance the experience?

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