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5 reasons to choose integrated solar street lights!

With the increasing price and maintenance costs of lighting streetlights, people are more willing to replace their old streetlights with cost-effective and innovative integrated solar streetlights. Here are 5 reasons to choose integrated solar street lights.

Energy saving

PIR (human infrared) sensor is a sensor that can sense human infrared radiation and can be used to control the brightness of the solar street light. When someone passes by, the solar street light will automatically switch to bright mode, and when the person leaves it will automatically switch to low light mode, which can save power and make the light last longer on rainy days.

In addition, solar street lights can be controlled by time. For example, the street light can be set to be in bright mode from 7-12 p.m. and in low light mode from 1-6 a.m. to maximize power savings.

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Easy to install and maintain

The volume and weight of this street light are smaller than the split type street light because its components are integrated into the pole, no need to dig holes and lay cables.

All you need to do is to fix the pole on the ground. Installation is usually quick and easy with only 2-3 people, no cranes or special equipment are required. This type of installation not only saves time and money but also reduces noise disturbance during the installation process.

In addition, integrated solar street lights are easy to maintain. If the light does not work, the entire system can be replaced. This type of maintenance is so simple that even non-technical people can perform maintenance.

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Available in emergencies

One-piece solar street lights are a reliable source of energy in emergencies because they are powered by solar panels that convert solar energy into electricity.

Whether it is a localized emergency or a widespread emergency, all-in-one solar street lights can continue to work under extremely difficult conditions that no other energy source can. For example, in emergencies such as natural disasters, all-in-one solar street lights can ensure road lighting and improve traffic safety.

In addition, one-piece solar street lights can be installed in places that lack electricity. For example, it can be installed in remote areas and outdoor activity places to improve the lighting effect.

Low transportation cost

The design of the integrated solar street light makes it smaller in size and weight than the split solar street light, which means that transportation costs will be much lower. Therefore, the cost of shipping an integrated solar street light from China is about 1/5 of that of a split solar street light.

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Use high performance LED lighting fixtures

Integrated solar street lights usually use LED lamps as the light source, because LED lamps have a long service life, generally can work more than 55,000 hours.

This is much longer than the service life of traditional street lights, so it can save maintenance costs. In addition, LED luminaires distribute light evenly, resulting in more uniform illumination of the roadway and improved traffic safety.

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