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solar wall light

There are still many types and styles of solar wall light. When you buy, you need to buy according to your actual needs. You must not buy impractical ones. There are many types of wall lamps.   Let’s take a look at what solar wall lamps are. It is illuminated by solar energy to absorb light and heat, which saves electricity and can also save money. What are the advantages of solar wall lights? Here are some specific tips about Tianyang energy wall lights.

What is a solar wall light?

The wall lamp is a lamp hanging on the wall. The wall lamp can not only illuminate but also have a decorative effect. Solar energy is one of the wall lamps. It is driven by the amount of solar energy to make it shine.

The advantages of solar wall lights?

1. The outstanding advantage of the solar wall lamp is that under the sunlight of the day, the solar wall lamp can use its own conditions to convert solar light energy into electrical energy, to achieve automatic charging, and at the same time it will store these light energy.

2. Solar wall lights are controlled by intelligent switches, and they are also light-controlled automatic switches. For example, the solar wall light will automatically turn off during the day and turn on automatically at night.

3. Because the solar wall lamp is driven by light energy, it does not need to be connected to any other power source, so it does not need to carry out cumbersome wiring. Secondly, the solar wall lamp works very stably and is reliable.

4. The service life of the solar wall lamp is very long. Because the solar wall lamp uses the peninsula body chip to emit light, it has no filament, and its life can reach 50,000 hours under normal use without being damaged by the outside world. The service life of incandescent lamps is 1,000 hours, and energy-saving lamps are 8,000 hours. Obviously, the service life of solar wall lamps far exceeds that of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.

5. Common lamps generally have two substances, mercury and xenon, and these two substances will cause great pollution to the environment when the lamps are worn out. However, the solar wall lamp does not contain mercury and xenon, so even if it is used, it will not cause pollution to the environment.

6. Everyone knows that exposure to ultraviolet and infrared rays can cause damage to people’s eyes for a long time, but solar wall lights do not contain these, and even if they are exposed for a long time, they will not cause damage to human eyes.

The above-mentioned content introduces the question of what is a solar wall lamp. I don’t know if you understand. In fact, the advantages of solar wall lamps are still many. For example, it can store light energy without electricity, and it can also be intelligent. Control is a very convenient and convenient type of wall light. It is safer than ordinary lamps and has a long service life. You can try this lamp.

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