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What is the wholesale price of full set solar street lights?

When it comes to street lights, everyone should be very familiar with it, because it is very common in towns and rural areas. Traditional street lights are generally powered by electricity, but in recent years, due to the promotion of environmental protection and the improvement of technology, However, the market share of solar street lights is increasing. In many places, traditional street lights are replaced with solar street lights. Solar street lights are generally purchased in large quantities. Then, what is the wholesale price of solar street lights? Let everyone know!

What is the wholesale price of solar street lights? In fact, due to the different specifications, the price of solar street lights also has a relatively large difference. The price of solar street lights with general specifications may only cost 50 US dollars, while the price of solar street lights with higher specifications can reach 150 US dollars.

But in fact, the price of common street lamps in our daily life is about one hundred dollars. This kind of solar street lamps is generally composed of solar panels and several sets of bulbs or led lights. Most of them are five meters in height. Or six meters. The common solar street lights in cities are mostly composed of several sets of bulbs and are generally divided into two headlights to illuminate the sidewalk and motor vehicle lanes respectively. The road conditions in rural areas are relatively simple, so the general street lights often only illuminate the motor vehicle lanes, but because the parameter specifications are not much different, the price difference is not particularly obvious.

What is the wholesale price of solar street lights? I can answer everyone directly. The current common price on the market is around 100 yuan. If your requirements are higher, you can buy the price of 200 US dollars, but for ordinary daily needs, you can buy the common ones.

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