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Why solar street lights are on during the day?

During installation during the day, the LED light source will not go out. When the above situation occurs, we need to check whether the wiring is correct, because the solar street light controller cannot receive the voltage transmitted by the solar panel, and the LED will be working by default until Its set working time ends. It is necessary to check whether the connection between the controller and the solar panel is reversed.

Another possible reason is that the solar panel is directly short-circuited. The high-power panel will be protected by a diode, which can be shortened to make it work normally. When it is on, the solar street light controller will be illuminated by the red light (SUN) under sunlight. The middle two-colour light (BAT) represents the capacity of the battery. The red light indicates that the battery has been overcharged. The two-colour light is yellow that indicates that the battery is low. Press, green means everything is normal.

1. check the solar panel: if the connection of the solar street light panel is not very strong, it will not be able to charge normally. It usually manifests as voltage, and the normal open circuit voltage is above 17.5V, but there is no current. This phenomenon is that the battery board wires are not connected properly. The troubleshooting method can be directly after the black electrical cover behind the battery board is opened. If there is no current detected directly from the aluminium panel of the battery board, it means that the battery board has a problem and needs to be replaced.

2. At night, the LED light source is on for a while and does not light up. It usually appears after a long rainy day. Here, the night light stops for some time. The way we repair the after-sales service for customers is to disconnect the cable of the led light source so that the sun can work normally after a day or two of charging.

3. To rush to see the lighting effect, many engineering companies will turn on the night after installation. Because the new battery is not fully charged at the time of shipment, if it is lit after installation, it will not reach the number of rainy days designed.

4. When purchasing solar street lights in different regions, you must pay special attention to whether the system design ideas and points are consistent with local actual conditions. Do not just pursue low prices just to save investment, such as paying attention to weather conditions.

5. The solar street light installation should not be lit on the same day. To rush to see the lighting effect, many engineering companies will turn on the night of the installation. It is impossible to reach the number of rainy days depicted. The correct way is, after the device is over, connect the controller, but not the load, and charge the battery the next day. Then, load again at dusk, so that the capacity of the battery can reach a higher level.

6. The connection of solar street light controllers, the use of waterproof controllers as much as possible, to ensure long-term stability together, but also to prevent users from changing the lighting time at will.

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