How to choose a good LED solar street light with motion sensor?

There are a number of different types of LED solar street lights with motion sensors on the market. Do you know how to choose a LED solar street light with motion sensor that meets your needs? When buying LED solar street lights with motion sensors, we on this side of the blog will provide you with 6 buying tips.

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Sensor Type:

Ensure that the solar street light you choose is equipped with a high-quality, sensitive motion sensor. Common sensor types include infrared (PIR) sensors and microwave sensors.LED solar street lights should be able to effectively detect movement over long distances and at different angles.

Solar Panel Efficiency:

When choosing solar panels, ensure that you select a product with high efficiency. The efficiency of a solar panel is usually expressed as a percentage of its ability to convert sunlight into electricity. High efficiency solar panels capture and utilise solar energy more effectively. In the market, common solar panels have an efficiency of between 15 and 20 per cent. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon are two common materials used for solar panels. Typically, monocrystalline silicon is slightly more efficient than polycrystalline silicon.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of LED solar street lights with motion sensors is an important issue to consider. The size of the battery capacity will seriously affect the working time of the LED solar street light at night. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the street light will work when there is no solar input. Higher power LEDs require a larger battery capacity to support the lighting for a longer period of time.

Sensitivity and Range:

Choose a motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity so that the sensitivity of sensing can be adjusted according to actual needs. Make sure the motion sensor has an adjustable range setting. This allows you to adjust the sensor’s coverage to the size and shape of a specific area to meet specific lighting needs. Ensure that the motion sensor is able to distinguish between human activity and other possible obstacles to reduce false triggering. This helps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the fixture.

Light sensitivity control:

Light sensitivity control is an important function in LED solar street light, which can automatically control the switch of lamps and lanterns according to the light level. Some LED solar street lights are equipped with energy-saving mode, i.e. adjusting the light fixtures to the lowest brightness during the daytime through photosensitivity control to minimise energy consumption.


The durability of LED solar street lights with motion sensors depends on a number of factors: mode of operation, lifetime and battery capacity. The amount of energy that can be stored in solar energy is determined by the capacity of the battery. Therefore, this determines the duration of illumination of LED solar street lights with motion sensors. Typically, most led solar street lights last between 8 and 12 hours, which is more than enough for the night. The operating mode of the led solar street light with motion sensor determines the use of LEDs. If you only want to use the working mode of the sensor, unlike the continuous lighting mode, the led solar street light will last longer.


Solar street lights that are bright enough to prevent crime can be effective. Brightly lit external spaces can often be disconcerting to potential criminals and reduce potential offences. The use of motion sensors allows the lights to automatically light up when motion is detected. This not only provides convenience, but also deters miscreants, who do not want to be detected when illuminated. Combining motion sensors and cameras can enhance security. Areas that light up at night can help the camera capture images more easily, and a motion sensor trigger can initiate camera recording.

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In conclusions

When buying LED solar street lights with motion sensors, you need to consider detection range, light intensity, battery capacity, installation, lifespan, cost, safety and durability. If you consider all these factors, you will buy a good LED solar street light with motion sensor.

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