Illuminate your public spaces with solar lighting solutions

What is public lighting?

Public lighting refers to light installations in cities, towns or other public areas designed to provide illumination for people at night. These lighting facilities include street lights, neon signs, billboard lights, exterior lighting of buildings, etc.

Public lighting enhances visibility at night, promotes a sense of safety and social activity, and helps to ensure the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and other traffic participants. In addition, public lighting facilities can improve the appearance and image of a city and enhance its cultural and artistic value.

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Benefits of solar lighting solutions

Cost savings: solar lighting solutions rely on renewable energy sources (such as sunlight) to power their lighting. This means that they do not require any external power source to operate, thus reducing energy consumption and electricity costs. This is particularly beneficial for public houses, which often require a large amount of energy to power their lighting solutions.

Low maintenance: As solar lighting solutions are self-contained, they require minimal maintenance. They have no wiring or electrical connections and therefore do not require the maintenance and repairs associated with conventional lighting systems.

Increased security: By illuminating public spaces, solar lighting solutions can increase security, especially at night. This deters criminal activity and makes the space more welcoming for everyone.

Environmentally friendly: Solar lighting solutions are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting systems. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which means that it does not run out like traditional energy sources such as coal or roommates. In addition, they reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, helping to protect the environment.

Examples of the use of solar lighting in public spaces.


Lighting up the car park#1

Solar Street Light Basalt series SSL-92 ~ SSL-912

Solar street lighting is quickly becoming the preferred choice for parking lot lighting due to its numerous benefits. Not only does it provide reliable and powerful illumination, but it is also cost-effective and easy to install.

Solar powered street lights require no major work, making them ideal for large car parks that experience high levels of traffic every day. In addition, they are energy efficient and can save a significant amount on energy bills compared to traditional electric lighting options.

Moreover, solar street lights provide added safety benefits as well; research has shown that well-lit outdoor areas deter more crime than poorly lit ones. This makes solar lighting a great option for parking lots that need to ensure the security of their users.

With their low maintenance requirements and ability to generate clean energy, solar street lamps are an attractive option for any business or organization looking to improve their parking lot lighting without breaking the bank.


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Securing roads, motorways and roundabouts#2

Solar street light Atlas SSL-32~SSL-310

The installation of SRESKY solar street lights on major roads is an essential measure for improving user safety and reducing the possibility of road accidents. These innovative lighting solutions provide a powerful level of illumination all year round, even when electrical power outages occur. Their high-efficiency components ensure a long-lasting and consistent light performance, with a broad coverage area that greatly enhances visibility and security.

The advanced lighting technology incorporated in these solar street lamps offers multiple advantages over traditional bulbs and fixtures. For example,  the distributed light pattern ensures appropriate coverage of the roadway and nearby surroundings.

Furthermore, their self-sufficient energy source allows them to remain operational during lengthy periods without any need for recharge or maintenance. All in all, these features make SRESKY solar street lights an effective solution for providing safer conditions on highways at all times.

SSL 36M 8m

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How to choose the right solar lighting fixture

Choosing the right solar lighting fixture for your public space can be challenging, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider the area you want to illuminate
You first need to assess the size of the site and the area to be illuminated to ensure that the solar lighting fixture chosen will meet the lighting requirements. In addition, solar luminaires need full sunlight to be most effective and the light conditions in the area are also very important.

Consider your budget
The price of solar lighting fixtures varies greatly, depending on the type and power of the fixture. If you’re looking for the perfect solar lighting fixtures, sresky has got you covered. Our experienced consultants can help guide you to a tailored solution that fits both your needs and budget!


Illuminate your public space while being kind to the environment with solar lighting! This renewable energy source offers an effective and affordable way to light up any project cost-effectively. Discover how SRESKY can help bring your visions to life – request a free quote today for more information on utilizing solar lighting solutions!

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