What does a quality solar street light look like?

Quality solar street lights can not be outstanding in appearance, but they must be outstanding in performance. We summarize these performance indicators as two high, two low and three long:

High luminous efficacy:

they can reduce energy consumption while providing adequate illumination, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact. Secondly, high luminous efficacy usually indicates that solar panels charge more efficiently, extending the life of the battery.

Overall luminous efficacy is one of the most important indicators for evaluating the performance of a solar streetlight lighting system. 200lm/W overall luminous efficacy is quite high.

High charging and discharging efficiency:

The high charging efficiency of the system is a strong guarantee for the power consumption of the light source. High charge and discharge efficiency not only tests the solar controller, but also tests the coordination of solar panels, light sources and controllers, that is, the design of the solar street light system.

High-efficiency solar panels can usually recharge in a shorter time. High discharge efficiency means the battery can convert stored energy into light energy more efficiently, providing brighter lighting that lasts longer at night.

Low cost:

to achieve perfection can not only consider the high configuration, must be to take the cost-effective, high-performance at the same time control the cost, so that this set of solar street lamps priced at the market price of ± 10% or less!


Low Installation Difficulty:

The perfect solar street light must be user-friendly, so the installation of this set of lights should be very simple, at the beginning of the design will be easy to avoid the installer’s mistakes, even if it is a raw hand can follow the installation manual to complete the installation easily and quickly.

Long life:

with the development of lithium batteries, the service life of the whole set of solar street lights is no longer limited by the short life of lead-acid batteries of 2-5 years, the quality of lithium batteries is able to extend the life of the whole lamp to more than 10 years. Therefore, considering the long-term lamp and maintenance costs, the whole system of more than 10 years of life is also the perfect solar street light has some hard indicators.

Long overcast and rainy day support:

The significance of street lights for the smoothness and safety of road commuting cannot be overstated. So whether it’s sunny or raining, the need for pedestrians to have streetlights that work every day is constant. choose lithium batteries with sufficiently high capacity to provide adequate power supply during continuous cloudy and rainy days or low light conditions. This will ensure that the street light can work continuously. 365 days of daily light becomes a hard target for solar street light.
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Long Pole Spacing:

Setting the height of the pole is important, usually using 5 times the height of the pole as the pole spacing is a reasonable indicator. This ensures an even distribution of lighting and reduces obvious dark areas. In a long pole spacing layout, you need to ensure that the lighting distribution is even to meet the lighting requirements.

This can be achieved through the design and positioning of luminaires to ensure that there are no obvious dark areas on the roadway. Long pole spacing layouts can reduce the number of poles and streetlights, thereby reducing the overall budget. This is a cost-effective option for rural township roadway lighting projects.

The atlas range of solar street lights from SRESKY may meet your needs!

·BMS technology speeds up the battery charging over 30%;
·Never stop lighting with New HI-technology-ALS 2.3 Up to 10 rainy or cloudy days;
·Powerful Lithium battery with 1500 cycles, widely used in new-energy car;
·Each part can be replaced on the pole directly, save maintenance costs;

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