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Solar street Light

SSL-06M all in one solar street light advantage

  • Unique classic design; Outdoor metal frosting paint; large LED panel for wider lighting area.
  • ALS2.3 technological innovation, when the battery power drops(battery power>30%) the brightness still can keep 100%.
  • TCS technology to make the battery real can work in Hot areas up to 60°.
  • 4 LEDs power indicators.
  • Independent modules of all important components are fully waterproof & anticorrosive.
  • 3 lighting modes, users can adjust the lighting mode and lighting time according to seasonal changes or sunlight conditions.

ALS automatically extends lighting time technology video

Product features:

Comparison of battery with ALS and without ALS

IP65 Waterproof grade

Scenes to be used

TCS thermostatic technology demonstration video

Advantages of acting as an agent for this product

  • The appearance is highly recognizable, and the new technology gives customers more room for pricing means more profit.
  • No complaints about the dimming brightness when the battery drops.
  • Can be widely used in very hot areas even Desert areas in Africa.
  • Differentiated functional design to enhance sales competitiveness.
  • Greatly improve waterproof performance.
  • Can be widely installed in different places and customize your lighting brightness and lighting time.

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