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Atlas Series all in one solar street light advantage

  • Unique simple design; large LED panel for wider lighting area; external battery pack with good heat dissipation.
  • ALS2.3 technological innovation, when the battery power drops(battery power>30%) the brightness still can keep 100%.
  • TCS technology to make the battery real can work in Hot areas up to 60°.
  • Independent modules of all important components are fully waterproof & anticorrosive.
  • 3 lighting modes, users can adjust the lighting mode and lighting time according to seasonal changes or sunlight conditions.
  • Support universal joint bracket, installation angle can be adjusted freely.

Product demonstration video

Product features:

Comparison of battery with ALS and without ALS

Lighting mode indicator

Installation height

Scenes to be used

ALS automatically extends lighting time technology video

TCS thermostatic technology demonstration video

Advantages of acting as an agent for this product

  • The appearance is highly recognizable, and the new technology gives customers more room for pricing means more profit.
  • No complaints about the dimming brightness when the battery drops.
  • can be widely used in very hot areas even Desert areas in Africa.
  • Greatly improve waterproof performance.
  • can be widely installed in different places and customize your lighting brightness and lighting time.
  • Meet the various pole installations for different project requirements (horizontal and vertical )

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  1. Hi there
    Looking at your light solution
    Can you send details features and pricing
    Australain market

    Looking at solar based product for our hire fleet/
    App or remote controlled
    Battery capacity etc
    IES files

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