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solar street light controller

solar street light controller

With the development of technology, the current street lights are mostly converted by solar energy, so that energy-saving, safety, and convenience can be achieved. And it is equipped with a solar street light controller, which can be controlled and displayed by a microprocessor, and uses high-quality, low-loss, and long-life components to ensure reliable performance so that the solar street light system can last forever Normal work, reducing system maintenance costs. So what is the role of the solar street light controller? Next, I will introduce it to you.

control function

The basic function of the solar street lamp controller is of course to have a control function. When the solar panel irradiates the solar energy, the solar panel will charge the battery. At this time, the controller will automatically detect the charging voltage and output voltage to the solar lamp. Only then will the solar street light shine.

Stabilizing effect

When solar energy shines on the solar panel, the solar panel will charge the battery. At this time, its voltage is very unstable. If it is directly charged, it may reduce the service life of the battery, and may even cause damage to the battery.

The controller has a voltage stabilization function in it, which can limit the voltage of the input battery to a constant voltage and current limit. When the battery is fully charged, it can charge a small part of the current or not.

boosting effect

The controller of the solar street light also has a boost function, that is, when the controller cannot detect the voltage output, the solar street light controller controls the output voltage from the output terminal. If the voltage of the battery is 24V, it needs 36V to reach the normal lighting. Then the controller will increase the voltage to bring the battery to a level that can light up. This function is to be able to realize the lighting of LED lights only through the solar street light controller.

The above functions of the solar street light controller are shared here. The solar street light controller adopts a full-blown glue-filled, metal body, waterproof and drop-proof, and can cope with various harsh environments.


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