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Solar street Light

What are the requirements for installing solar street lights for villages?

The installation location of solar street lights is very important if the village purchases and installs solar street lights by itself. The following points must be asked:

The brightness of street lights

The road conditions in the village determined that the solar street lights installed in the village are mainly w and w, and the roads are relatively narrow and use tiles.

Lighting time

The general lighting time required in the village is usually an hour or all night, at least supporting more than consecutive rainy days and night lighting.

Quality assurance time

Some are the whole lamp warranty year, and some are based on the parts. For example, our company’s new rural solar street lights have a battery warranty for one year, and the remaining components are guaranteed for ten years.

If it is through external bidding.

The bidding documents will detail the requirements of solar street lights. The following is an excerpt of the requirements for solar street lights in the bidding documents for your reference.

In order to ensure the lighting effect of this street lamp, the following main material requirements are as follows:

Street lamp technical requirements

A. The height of the solar street light pole is m, and the wall thickness is above .cm. The interior and exterior of the pole are treated with hot-dip galvanizing and plastic spraying, and the surface is smooth, without discolouration, no pinholes, no peeling, etc.

B. The light source adopts solar energy special LED light source, lamps LEDw, DCv, solar panel w monocrystalline silicon cell, lithium battery ha, solar energy special control, and they are all installed in the lamp, and the wiring must be correct and firm.

C. All used just now should be in accordance with national standards, hot-dip galvanized inside and outside with milky white paint and sprayed.

D. All bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel.

Construction period requirements

The manufacturer shall deliver to the construction site on time according to the contracted delivery time, and carry out construction and installation without delay.

Quality Assurance

During the installation, commissioning, and trial operation period, the supplier is responsible for repairing and replacing the damage caused by the quality problem of the lighting fixture (goods) or the error of the technical file provided by the supplier.

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