Solar street light installation guide. Summary of troubleshooting methods for on-site solar street lights

solar street light

Summary of troubleshooting methods for on-site solar street light.

No lighting during the day

The solar panel detected daylight (Sunlight or the ambient light is shining on the solar panel), Block solar panels with foreign objects, then the light will turn on.

No PIR induction

Check whether the installation angle of the product is not correct, and the distance of PIR induction is within the effective range (refer to the product manual), please install and use refer to the product manual and Sensing within effective distance.

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The lighting time is short

1. Check whether the lights installation position is correct, no foreign objects can block the solar panel, the effective light received by the solar panel should be more than 5 hours

2. Because the product is used outdoors for a long time, there is a lot of dust/dirty attached to the solar panel of the product, which reduces the efficiency of solar charging.

3. Continuous rainy or snowy weather, no sunlight during the day

So you can adjust the installation position, Use power-saving mode, the solar panels should be cleaned regularly during use. The time can be once a quarter or half a year. Keep the surface of the solar panels clean, otherwise, the conversion efficiency will be affected.

No response from remote control

Check if the remote control of the product has power and Whether the control distance is an ineffective range when the remote control is used (refer to the product manual)

So you can replace the remote control battery and remote control within an effective distance.

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