3 reasons why solar street lights are the best choice for public lighting in Africa


1.Solar street lights cost lower
According to the IRENA report, in 2019 the worldwide conventional utility scale placed extra emphasis on solar PV systems, which make solar PV cost decrease by 82%, now it costs only $0.068 per KWH.

So, excluding any financial support, the cost is 40% less than the cheapest new fossil fuel in the first year of installation. The lower cost and keep-falling technology cost make solar street lights more competitive in the public lighting market.


2. Solar street lights are more suitable for Africa’s lack of electricity
Due to the lack of traditional infrastructure, Africa generally suffers from sluggish and outdated power systems. The shortage of power has greatly hindered the economic development of the region. Meanwhile, Africa is one of the regions with the highest solar radiation in the world, solar home systems, and microgrids are seen as positive solutions to change the development of the electricity industry in the region. Solar street lights have strong flexibility, a wide distribution range, and easy access, and there is no need for access to the power grid, which is more in line with the local electricity demand in Africa.

3. Maintenance is more convenient
One of the most prominent advantages of solar lighting is the low cost of patents and maintenance.
SRESKY SSL-912 All-in-one solar street light provides new patented technology, FAS technology – it can help users quickly identify which component like a solar panel, battery, LED panel, or PCBA board is faulty.
FAS technology provides the greatest convenience for the maintenance of street lights and reduces the cost of the road maintenance system and the technical skill requirements for road maintenance personnel.

SRESKY provides a variety of solar street light options. Contact SRESKY for more information on solar LED lighting solutions for your outdoor commercial lighting needs

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