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What is the difference between solar street lights?

Are all solar street lights the same? The answer is no. There are many different styles, sizes and features between different solar pathway lighting systems. The following 3 are common types of solar pathway lights.

 Residential Solar Street Lights

Residential solar street lights are those that are installed in residential areas. They provide safe lighting for pedestrians and motorists in residential areas, ensuring that pedestrians and vehicles can pass safely at night. Residential solar street lights use an integrated solar power system that contains solar panels and small rechargeable batteries.

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These systems can be charged by collecting solar energy and then providing power for lighting when needed. Due to their small size, they are not usually able to cope with cloudy days but are adequate for most residential applications.

Commercial Solar Street Lights

Commercial solar street lights are those that are installed in commercial areas. These street lights are usually designed to be larger as the roads in commercial areas are usually wider than those in residential areas and require more light to illuminate. Commercial road lights are typically more powerful than residential solar street lights, providing up to 100 feet of illumination and the ability to eliminate dark areas.

They are typically larger than residential solar street lights and use custom solar modules to provide sufficient power. These systems also typically have larger batteries that can continue to illuminate the road at night. In addition, commercial solar street lights can power multiple fixtures from a single power source, reducing the complexity of the system.

Pedestrian Scale Solar Street Lights

Pedestrian scale solar streetlights are solar streetlights that are installed on the pavement and are suitable for pedestrian use. Pedestrian scale solar street lights are usually more robust than residential solar street lights as they are required to withstand a greater intensity of use.

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These street lights usually provide brighter lighting and have more spare storage space to continue working at night. These systems often contain a built-in solar power system, with solar panels mounted on top of the raised lamp or bollard lamp and batteries stored inside the lamp.

These systems usually have larger batteries than residential solar lighting systems and can provide more backup power to ensure the system can work at night.

Therefore, when choosing a solar street light, you need to consider your specific needs and choose the right system.

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