Ultra Luma Solar Lights: bringing you smarter, more efficient lighting solutions

Ultra Luma Solar Lights is a smart solar luminaire that provides customers and agents with a high quality lighting solution. We focus on providing our customers with the most advanced solar products so that they can have the best possible experience in any environment.

Ultra Luma Solar Lights is an innovative and high-tech lighting solution that provides customers and agents with a sense of security, convenience, and quality.

Through 19 years of research in the field of solar lighting, the company has launched three core intelligent technologies “ALS”.”TCSandFAs” which breakthroughs in the short lighting time in cloudy or rainy days, and temperature control in Extreme Hot & Cold countries and prolong the lifespan, Also the automatic fault detection system can monitor which part of the lamp has a problem at any time with out disassembling the lamp for testings, which greatly reduces the time and cost of after-sales.

Furthermore, Ultra Luma Solar Lights are engineered to be IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof so they can withstand the harsh elements of nature without compromising performance or safety. All of this combined makes Ultra Luma Solar Lights the ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.


Product features and benefits

  • Highly efficient and energy saving: uses a highly efficient LED light source and solar panel technology for 10 cloudy days of continuous lighting.
  • Intelligent control: Built-in intelligent sensor and light control sensor for automatic adjustment of brightness and on/off status.
  • Durable and waterproof: manufactured with high quality materials and IP65 rated waterproof for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Eco-friendly and healthy: no electricity or chemical support required, no pollution to the environment.


We offer three smart types of Ultra Luma Solar Lights, including:

Solar Street Light Basalt SSL-92~SSL-912



17 2

Solar Street Light Atlas SSL-32~SSL-310

sresky solar STREET light SSL 310 24

Solar Street Light Thermos SSL-72~SSL-76


All of these products have been carefully designed and tested and can be customised to suit the needs of the customer.

Product Selection Solutions

We can offer different selection options depending on the needs of our customers. If you need to choose the right product, please consider the following factors.

  1. Use scenario: road, garden, park, etc.
  2.  Installation height: 3m, 5m, etc.
  3. Power size: 25W, 60W, etc.

We will provide the best advice for your needs and help you choose the most suitable product for your requirements.

ODM/OEM solutions

At SRESKY, in addition to our standard models, we also offer customised ODM/OEM solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are committed to creating products that perfectly reflect our brand image and meet the needs of our customers’ markets.

From material selection and design concept development to prototyping, manufacturing and quality control, every step is monitored with meticulous attention to detail. With our extensive resources and expertise, we are able to create quality products that not only look good but also perform well.


The following are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: Do these solar luminaires require daytime charging?

A: Yes, they must receive sufficient light intensity during daylight hours to function properly.

Q: Do these solar luminaires require regular battery replacement?

A: No. They do not. These solar luminaires use very efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Q: Do these solar luminaires come with a warranty?

A: Yes. All Ultra Luma Solar Lights are covered by a full one year warranty.


The following are some examples of successful applications of Ultra Luma Solar Lights:

  •  A school in Qatar has installed over 100 solar street lights in its outdoor car park to improve the lighting in the school car park.

Integrated aluminum frame solar street light Basalt SSL-912

sresky solar Street light case 46


  • Kenyan municipality uses Ultra Luma Solar Lights to improve road lighting at night on the highway.

All in one integrated design solar street light ATLAS SSL-36

SSL 36M 8米高 肯尼亚 副本


  • A highway in Vietnam uses Ultra Luma Solar Lights to create a convenient lighting system.

Self-cleaning solar street light Thermos SSL-76


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