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integrated solar street light

Integrated solar street light is a common type in our daily life.

Compared with a split solar street light, it has many advantages, such as convenient transportation, quick installation, higher safety and long lighting time. Therefore, there are more and more integrated products and types in the solar street lamp market. Emphasis on aesthetics and artistic composition while continuously meeting the needs of people.

During these two days, some old customers interacted with me when they said that the sales of solar street lights were particularly good, especially the integrated solar street lights. The price of integrated solar street lamps sold by many merchants is not only relatively low but also claims to be 100W. So what is the difference between 100W integrated solar street lights? Next, I will give you a detailed answer to this question.

The lighting power of solar street lights is mainly related to solar panel power, battery capacity and light source power. If you want to integrate the solar street light to have a large power, then the power of the battery board, the battery capacity, and the light source power will be large.

They are directly proportional to each other. At present, the rural 6-meter solar street light lighting power is about 30W-40W, while the rural solar street light is the government Huimin project, the configuration requirements will certainly not be below, then why not buy the lower price and call the lighting power What is the integrated solar street light of 100W? Is 100W brighter than 30W solar street lights? Not. It differs from normal rural solar street lights as:

The integrated solar street light has different internal chips

Normal rural solar street lamps use SMD wafers, Philips and Puri chips, while some integrated solar street lamps use CVB module light sources, which have great advantages in price, but the service life is not long, the brightness effect is not good, and Their actual lighting power is also the brightness power of normal rural solar street lights.

The integrated solar street light can be different in internal battery material and capacity

Because the solar lithium battery and the solar panel are respectively designed inside and on the top of the integrated solar street light fixture, there is not enough space for a larger capacity lithium battery and a higher power solar panel. Usually, the lithium battery capacity is only normal in rural areas. Half of the solar street light. And the battery used in the lithium battery is lithium iron phosphate, generally made into a single string of 3.2V voltage. Therefore the overall system is unstable and the actual lighting power is very low.

In summary, 100W integrated solar street lights still have many different, different light sources, different battery materials and capacity will lead to a very different life and efficiency, so in the future purchase must be selected Learn to make a reasonable distinction and make money to buy the best value for money.

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