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【Model No.:SSL-76】all in one solar street light

all in one solar street light

All in one solar street light Main features:

1. Automatic solar panel cleaning system
2. Anti-dust and Anti-freeze protection to make sure freely cleaning
3. Sresky Invention patent ALS3.0 technology supports all-night lighting even on cloudy days
4. Sresky Advanced TCS technology for battery safety protection in low & high temperature
5. Smart FAS Automatic alarm system helps reduce maintenance cost
6. Various installation and angle adjustable

All in one solar street light demonstration video

Advantages of acting as an agent for this solar street light

  • outstand from other similar lights.
  • No complaints about the dimming brightness when the battery drops.
  • Improve the efficiency of customer complaint communication between customers and manufacturers, and reduce the rate of secondary customer complaints.
  • can be widely used in High and Low latitude countries.
  • Save the number of lamps for installation, Reduce customer budget and increase project profitability.
  • Keep the solar panel free of dust and cover, and ensure the solar panel charging efficiency.
  • Users can make settings according to actual installation scenarios.
  • Greatly improve waterproof performance.
  • better charging efficiency.
  • Meet the various pole installations for different project requirements (horizontal and vertical )

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