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What are the characteristics and advantages of LED street lights? LED lights have been recognized by many people, and there are more and more products on the market. The multi-purpose use of LED involves LEDs, whether it is a lamp or a screen. Now the country is also advocating energy saving. So, let the LED solar street light manufacturers take a look at the characteristics of LED street lights.

(1) Energy-saving lamps need to have the characteristics of low voltage, low current, high brightness, and LED lamps as street lamps, which can ensure normal operation after installation and save energy.

(2) The new green environmental protection light source, the cold light source used by LED, has a low glare, no radiation, and no harmful substances will be emitted during use. LED has better environmental protection benefits. There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, and the waste is recyclable. It does not contain mercury elements and can be safely touched. It is attributed to the typical green lighting source.


(3) Long life. Because LED street lights will continue to be used and replaced, especially in batches, they will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, so choosing long-life LED street lights can avoid unnecessary losses.

(4) The structure of the lamp is reasonable. LED street lights will completely change the structure of the lamps. Under the condition of initial brightness, the structure of LED street lights will increase the brightness again through rare-earth. Due to the advancement of optical lenses, their luminous brightness has been further improved. LED is a solid-state light source encapsulated with epoxy resin. There are no easily damaged parts such as glass bulb filament in its structure. It is an all-solid structure, so it can withstand the sensational impact without being damaged.

(5) The light color is simple and the light color is more. The LED street lamp used as a street lamp requires a simple light color without too much noise. It is obviously more important to ensure road safety while ensuring the brightness of the lighting.

(6) High safety. The LED light source is driven by low voltage, stable luminescence, no pollution, no stroboscopic phenomenon when using 50Hz AC power supply, no ultraviolet B band, color rendering index Ra position close to 100, color temperature 5000K, which is close to the color temperature of the sun. In addition, the cold light source with low calorific value and no thermal radiation can accurately control the light type and the luminous point of view, the light color is soft, there is no glare, and it does not contain mercury and sodium elements that damage LED street lights.


What are the advantages of LED street lights?

One, the light emitted by the well-designed LED street lamp is clear, controllable, and beautiful. The optical element designed in the LED lamp ensures that the light reaches where it belongs, which means less light is wasted.

Second, LED lights have lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. Since most street lights are owned and operated by utility companies, the use of LEDs can reduce energy consumption by about 40%. At the same time, the more important saving is maintenance. Because the lumen output of high-pressure sodium lamps will decrease, high-pressure sodium lamps must be replaced at least every five years. The materials and labour for a single bulb replacement may cost 80 to 200 dollars. Since the lifespan of LED lamps is three to four times longer than HID, the cost savings of individual maintenance will be very large.

Three, there are more and more decorative LED street lights. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, lighting manufacturers can provide more decorative lighting options, which can imitate the lighting design of old-fashioned gas lamps, which has very aesthetic advantages.

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