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Solar Landscape light types

  • PIR, the max sensing distance is 7M
  • 3 LEDs power indicators
  • Thermostatic technology
  • PIR switch, Body sensing technology
  • Thermostatic technology
  • Extends lighting time
  • 2 lighting modes for choice
  • Thermostatic technology
  • ALS automatically extends lighting time
  • APP control
  • 3 LEDs power indicators
  • Thermostatic technology
  • Extension of use time
  • 3 LEDs power indicators
  • Automatic extension of use time
  • Thermostatic technology
  • Remote control
  • 3 LEDs power indicators
  • Thermostatic technology
  • 3 lighting modes

More information can be entered into the Solaraxy brand

  • Smart solar enhances future.

    The best outdoor solar street lights manufacturer, the smartest solar power light

Why Choose Us

Sresky is your reliable partner with factory strength, experience, r&d strength, quality and service.

  • Experience Skills

    Our company has nearly 20 years of production, OEM and OEM experience with 1000 employees.

  • Expert Engineers

    Sresky has more than 30 r&d engineers, half of whom have more than 10 years of r&d experience.

  • Low Cost

    Efficient production efficiency and a strong supply chain can save you a lot of costs. High cost performance.

  • Guarantee Services

    Sresky's warranty lasts for free replacement of parts. Customer complaint feedback within two hours

  • High Quality

    We have a strict production system, quality testing system and third-party certification to ensure product quality.

  • Trusted Work

    Sresky has cooperated with big international brands such as Wal-Mart, which is worthy of your trust.

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