From January 2023, our regional sales Manager, sales Director and Technical Manager will fly out to our old and new friends and do some market research.

Shenzhen Sresky Co., Ltd

Sresky is the largest solar lamp production base in Asia.

Solar Garden Light Project Case

Using artificial light to enhance and work with existing architecture to highlight and illuminate areas of significance.

Garden lighting

This solar garden light is more suitable for home use, whether it is placed on the wall or on the lawn, it can be a good embellishment of the garden.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights can play a very good decorative role, and its brightness can fully illuminate the surroundings at night. They can set off the surrounding beautifully.

Solar Lawn Lights

The solar lawn lights provide good lighting for garden paths, you just plug them in your lawn and they have a very even light distribution that spreads the light over your garden path.

Garden Lights

South Korea is cold in autumn and winter, and our solar garden lights are installed in the park. They are as bright as pearls in the night sky.

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