Model Halo series SLL-26 Solar landscape light

solar garden light

SLL-26 Solar landscape light advantage

  • Unique Patent Design
  • APP control and adjust the brightness and lighting time, also the Bird repellent function
  • 3 LEDs power indicators
  • ALS2.4 technological innovation, when the battery power drops(battery power>30%) the brightness still can keep 100%
  • TCS technology to make the battery real can work in Hot and cold areas -20°~60°
  • Dark sky(0 light pollution to the city), Eco friendly
  • Professional TYPE V lighting distribution;360° lighting area
  • Modern Europe style design, Classical and Unique
  • All aluminium bodies with Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion tech

Product demonstration video

Product features:

Large-area lighting

Bluetooth control

Repellent device

Scenes to be used

TCS thermostatic technology demonstration video

ALS automatically extends lighting time technology video

Advantages of acting as an agent for this solar landscape light

  • The appearance is highly recognizable, and the new technology gives customers more room for pricing means more profit
  • Smart lighting trend, bird repellent is more suitable for island use
  • Differentiated functional design to enhance sales competitiveness
  • No complaints about the dimming brightness when the battery drops
  • Can be widely used in High and Low latitude countries
  • Environmental protection, meeting the entry threshold of the project
  • Widely used in many places for both decoration and lighting
  • Suitable for many different types of buildings
  • Unlimited installation location

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