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Solar street light

Solar street light manufacturers tell you how much the reasonable installation distance of smart street lamps

Solar smart street lights are also known as smart solar street lights. It is more and more popular in the market because of its unparalleled advantages such as environmental protection, energy-saving, convenient installation, safety, and reliability. With the promotion of national policies and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the capacity of the solar street lamp market will become larger and larger.

For a practitioner in the solar street lighting industry, many customers often consult the question of installing the optimal spacing of solar street lights. General merchants will provide you with solar street lights installation manual. Here I will simply talk about this topic, and take the current common street lighting with a height of 6-8 meters. To introduce.

First, 6 meters LED smart solar street light installation spacing

In some areas, street lights with a height of 6 meters are generally preferred. The width of the road is generally about 5-6 meters. Due to the small amount of traffic and the flow of small roads, the power of the light source can be between 30W and 40W. illumination. The installation pitch can be set to about 20 meters, and if the width is greater than 20 meters, the overall lighting effect is not ideal.

Second, 7 meters LED smart street lamp installation spacing

In some areas, occasionally, 7-meter smart street lights are used, suitable for road widths of 7-8 meters. The power supply can be 40W or 50W and the mounting pitch is set to 25 meters. Also above this spacing, the overall lighting effect is not ideal.

 Again, 8 meters LED solar smart street lamp installation spacing

8m smart street light generally uses about 60W light source power, suitable for installation on the road width of 10m-15m. The lighting method adopts cross-border lamps on both sides, the installation spacing is about 30 meters, and the lighting effect is better.

The above is a simple description of the installation distance of solar street lamps. With the continuous advancement and deep development of technology, the illumination distance will increase and the installation distance will be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, we should analyze the specific issues in detail so that we can effectively solve our problems.

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