How to control the best installation distance of LED solar light.

the installation distance of LED solar light

How to control the installation distance of LED solar light.

The main parameter configuration of solar garden light mainly includes: all-steel structure, overall hot-dip galvanized / plastic sprayed light pole. During the installation process, the protection level of solar garden lights should reach the IP65 industry standard. If the diffused reflection-free courtyard light is used, the height limit of the pole is required. Generally, the installation distance of the courtyard light should be controlled at 18-20 meters.

As the main light source of the road or landscape lighting, in the aspect of solar garden light system control, the interval jumper should be used to control in two ways, so that the solar garden light can save energy and reduce the cost of the street light system configuration in the application process. For the installation of courtyard lights, only when the installation of solar courtyard lights is set according to the engineering installation practice, can the solar courtyard lights achieve a good application in lighting?

The main function of solar cells is to convert light energy into electrical energy. This phenomenon is called the Pv effect.

In the southern regions where the sun is relatively inadequate, it is better to use single crystal silicon solar cells. because the electrical performance parameters of single-crystal silicon solar cells are relatively stable.

The amorphous silicon solar cell is better in the case of very weak indoor sunlight because the amorphous silicon solar cell has relatively low requirements for solar lighting conditions. But if any problem occurs in any link will cause the product. The solar desk lamp is composed of two parts: solar panel and lamp housing.

The courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture, usually referring to outdoor lighting fixtures below 6 meters. The main part of which consists of the light source lamp pole flange and the foundation embedded parts 5 parts. Nowadays, there is also a kind of garden lamp which is more environmentally friendly, that is, a solar garden lamp. Solar garden lights are now more and more loved by more and more people because it has three innovations.

Although the energy that the sun radiates to the earth’s atmosphere is only one-two billionths of its total radiant energy, it is already as high as 173,000TW. This means that the energy the solar radiation to the earth every second is equivalent to 6 million tons of coal.

Wind energy, water energy, ocean temperature difference energy, wave energy and part of tidal energy all come from the sun. Even the fossil fuels on the earth are basically stored solar energy since ancient times.

Solar street light sources generally require white light, so that people can easily see them. Conventional street lights are getting less and less attention, reducing unnecessary traffic accidents, and ensuring people’s travel. Solar street light manufacturers will also customize the production of street lights with different specifications in different areas.


When installing or transforming solar street lights in different areas, special attention must be paid to selecting suitable street lights from their own regional practice, and strive to be not bad. Resources can meet daily use. The solar panel converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery so that the solar street light is under the control of the intelligent controller. And solar panels are shined with sunlight to absorb solar light and convert it into electrical energy.


Solar cell components charge batteries during the day. High-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and LED lamps are commonly used on high pole lamps, and high strength light sources are required on most construction occasions. For high pole lights, although the led light can also emit a very bright light source, the led light is cold light, and the effect of the emitted light source is not as good as that of the high-pressure sodium lamp. Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, batteries store electrical energy, ultra-bright LEDs as light sources, and are controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controllers

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