ESL-06K Solar Wall Light

Solar well Light

ESL-06K Solar wall light advantage

  • Unique patent design
  • All aluminium bodies with Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion tech
  • Ray sensor lighting mode
  • ALS2.3 technological innovation, when the battery power drops(battery power>30%) the brightness still can keep 100%; prolong lighting time to 7~10 days
  • Wide application scenarios in aisles, courtyards, gardens, parks, squares, villas etc.

 Product demonstration video

Product features:

Close-up of material

Comparison of battery with ALS and without ALS

Scenes to be used

ALS automatically extends lighting time technology video

TCS thermostatic technology demonstration video

Advantages of acting as an agent for this product

  • Outstand from many similar solar wall lights; Can be installed on walls with eaves, to have good sun charging and wider luminous range
  • Unlimited installation location
  • Smart energy saving
  • No complaints about the dimming brightness when the battery drops

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