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Always some products that sell well in supermarkets

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assist you in designing the supermarket display and help you increase sales quickly.

    SRESKY Helps You Sell Like Hotcakes

    We are the largest solar lamp manufacturer in Asia, providing advanced solar lamps to more people and places, allowing them to view their world from a new perspective.

    SRESKY solar lighting has the brightest LED lamps in the solar lamp industry, but bright light is not everything. We provide options that comply with dark skies, local regulations and IES lighting guidelines. For communities concerned with blue light and circadian rhythms, we offer shielding and warm color temperatures.

    For 19 years, SRESKY’s products have been used in projects and supermarkets of all sizes around the world through our partners, helping many customers become hot- selling products in supermarkets. Design is our strength.

    Every year we launch more than 20 new products, plus our display design services and various market services. Our customers have their own hot- selling products in supermarkets.

    We combine the different characteristics of the markets where our customers are located and design our products according to their suggestions to target the local market, making our customers'channels more and more extensive. Our products have enteredmany world-famous supermarkets where they sell very well. Do youwant to have your own product in a supermarket?

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