What are the best solar LED garden lights?

Best solar LED garden lights raw material selection:

The battery board adopts Class A cell:

best solar LED garden lights

The cells used are Class A sheets. The characteristics of this kind of film are neat and uniform appearance and perfect printing of electrode grid lines. No broken grids, no stains on the surface, no leakage of slurry, and no aluminium cladding. No hidden cracks, no scratches, no black core, no reverse current, stable electrical performance, etc., high conversion efficiency> 21.5%

With Class A battery:

Street lamp series use car power battery, high-temperature resistance, long cycle life> 2000 times

Solar LED garden light batteries series use electric power battery, high-temperature resistance, long cycle life>1000 times

Good consistency of internal resistance, voltage and capacity. Large factory production technology, strong quality control ability.

LEDs are Class A LEDs:

High lumen efficiency>230LM/W imported optical special glue and patented phosphors, gold wire welding, firm welding, and low internal resistance. Excellent heat dissipation performance of the bracket, high-precision equipment light splitting, ensuring colour temperature consistency.

The controller adopts Class A:

The controller adopts a professional waterproof line interface to ensure service life. The controller’s waterproof structure design reaches IP68, waterproof, dustproof, and insectproof. It has TCS/ALS/FAS core technology. It has an infrared sensor function. The integrated design adopts an international brand main control chip. Software real-time control

Strict quality testing:

Products have strict testing procedures from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of products, and each step is strictly tested.

After-sales service system:

With a long-term warranty period and a perfect after-sales service system, to ensure that the products can get feedback and solutions in a timely manner. Support at least 3 years warranty and 24Hrs after-sale service.

The difference between Sresky and ordinary cheap solar LED garden light materials:



Low-priced motherboard material Single-sided cardboard board thickness 1.0mm: fire rating 94HB, easy to be damp and not fireproof, poor adhesion, short life. Commonly used in general household appliances, and general electronic products.

SRESKY solar LED garden lights motherboard material double-sided fibreglass board thickness 1.6mm: fireproof, etc.

Class FR-4, environmental protection requirements RoHS certification UL, special requirements for vias. Thermal conductivity 2.0, good heat transfer, good insulation and mechanical properties.

Solder mask. Used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial

Industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products

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