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Advantages of using solar powered lights in the UK

The UK has a temperate oceanic climate with uniform rain throughout the year. The average temperature in July is 19℃-25℃, and the average temperature in January is 4℃-7℃. It can also drop below 0℃ during the coldest period. Is the lowest.

The UK government attaches great importance to the development of a low-carbon economy and environmental protection industries. And continues to promote industrial policies and regional development plans such as the “Industry 2050”, hoping to reduce the cost of production and R&D, logistics and taxation in the UK.

The installation of LED solar lights is simple, no wiring is required. It has a long service life and a wide range of uses. The powerful light produced by outdoor solar lights is provided by solar Pv conversion, which it can’t run out. And no pollution, no noise, no radiation. The solar outdoor lighting has high technology content, no electric shock, so it is very safe.

The use of led solar lights is in line with the development policy of the United Kingdom and will be widely used in the future.

The lithium battery used by Sresky is more environmentally friendly and has a longer service life than traditional batteries. And our products have TCS constant temperature technology, which ensures the normal operation of street light fixtures in cold and hot weather. In extreme weather, if you don’t maintain the solar powered led street lights in time. It will endanger the service life of the battery and the actual use effect.

Our products have ALS and FAS technologies:

ALS can extend the lighting time. Even on rainy days can still work for about ten days, which is longer than other solar street lamps.

FAS can quickly identify faults, improving the efficiency of customer complaint communication between customers and manufacturers.

If you have questions about solar street lights and solar garden path lantern lights, please contact us. Sresky has the best and brightest high quality led solar garden powerful lights, solar garden stake lights, solar landscape lights, is the best choice for online shopping in the UK

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