Best Uganda solar street light and top solar garden wall light.

Application advantages of solar street light in Uganda

As early as 2006, the Ugandan government began to promote the use of solar energy. After vigorously developing solar and wind power generation, at the end of December 2016, the largest solar power plant in East Africa was completed and opened in Uganda.

In terms of natural conditions, Uganda has abundant energy resources distributed all over the country. These include hydropower, biomass, solar, geothermal, etc. Among them is solar energy are an average of 5.1 kWh/m2. Ugandan solar resources are high throughout the year, the maximum annual variation of solar energy (maximum month/month) is about 20% (from 4.5 to 5.5 W/m 2). Sunshine is highest in the dry area in the northeast.

The solar panel can convert the solar energy into electricity and store it for night lighting. Solar street lamps do not require wiring, are easy to install, and do not require any maintenance costs after installation. Solar street lights use LED lamp beads, making solar power led street lights more environmentally friendly, stable and durable.

Recommend several Uganda solar street lights and top solar garden wall lights for you:

Uganda solar street light

Solar wall light

Solar garden light 

Choose suitable lamps according to natural conditions

Uganda has high mountains and deep valleys, there are high mountains on both east and west sides. The northeast is a hot and dry desert, the west is a forest with abundant rainfall, and the east is an endless plain. The whole has abundant rainfall and luxuriant plants. The four seasons are like spring, and the annual average temperature is 22.3℃. The rainy season is from March to May and September to November, and the rest are two dry seasons. According to Uganda’s weather conditions, you can choose solar led lights with waterproof and corrosion resistance.

The waterproof grade of Sresky’s products is IP65, which can achieve a first-rate waterproof effect. Besides Sresky’s products have three core technologies, namely ALS technology, TCS technology, FAS technology.

Sresky Solar outdoor lighting fixture Manufacturer

Sresky’s products also have many different types, such as solar lamps with automatic cleaning, solar lamps with PIR motion sensors, solar lamps with several different modes, and solar lamps with remote control. If you are interested, please click to learn more.


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