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The light-emitting principle of solar panels

solar panels

The solar panel is the core part and the most important part of the solar lighting power generation system

There are two ways of solar power generation. One is the conversion method of light to heat and then to electricity, and the other is the direct conversion method of light to electricity.

Solar lighting is to convert solar energy into electrical energy through solar panels. And transfer it into the battery through the intelligent solar controller. When night falls and needs to be lighted, the power in the battery pack is output to the LED through the intelligent controller (comparison circuit) to make it emit visible light.

Advantages of solar power.  Solar power has many unique advantages:

  1. Solar energy resources are safe and reliable, with a stable supply. And will not be affected by the energy crisis and fuel market unstable.
  2. Sunlight resources can be used anywhere, especially in remote places with power shortages. Which can reduce the construction of long-distance power grids and the power loss of transmission lines.
  3.  The generation of solar energy does not require fuel, which greatly reduces the operating cost;
  4.  Solar energy is a very ideal clean energy. Power generation does not produce harmful substances and is very environmentally friendly.

Advantages of the solar panels used by Sresky:

The quality of the solar panel is related to the quality of the entire solar lamp. And its conversion efficiency is also very important.

The Class A cell solar panel material used by Sresky has long service life and high conversion efficiency.

Class A cell:

Class A-boards are used in large power stations. The cells used are Class A sheets. The characteristics of this kind of film are neat and uniform appearance. Perfect printing of electrode grid lines, no broken grids, no stains on the surface, no leakage of slurry. No hidden cracks, no scratches, no black core, no reverse current, stable electrical performance, etc., high conversion efficiency> 21.5%

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