Have you ever worried that solar street lights will not work in extreme weather?

Solar street lights in extreme weather

Throughout the year, the temperature also changes with the seasons. Solar outdoor lamps are placed outside all year round and are bound to withstand the test of constant temperature changes. For places with a perennial high temperature or perennial low temperature, the ability of solar lamps to resist high temperature and cold is more important.

In winter rain and snow, the solar panels of solar lamps may be covered with snow, which affects the absorption and conversion efficiency of solar panels. In extremely cold weather, the activity of the battery also weakens.

In summer, when the temperature is too high, the solar lamp battery may reduce the performance of the battery under the sun.

Solutions provided by Sresky

The TCS technology developed by Sresky, make the battery real can work in Hot and cold areas -20°~60° can be widely used in High and Low latitude countries。

TCS principle video:

And Sresky’s products also have ALS technology, which can extend the lighting time of solar street light and can work normally for 8-10 days in rainy weather.


Sresky has a light that automatically sweeps dust and snow. Automatic cleaning function of solar panel: antifreeze design, dustproof design, the special function of sweeping dust and snow. In this way, even if there is snow in winter, there is no need to manually clean it, and there is no need to worry about the conversion efficiency of solar panels covered by snow will be reduced.

Solar street light


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