Solar street lights in Bogota, Colombia, best manufacturer

Solar street lights in Bogota, Colombia

In October 2021, the Office of the Mayor of Bogota, Colombia released a promotional video on the implementation of solar-powered lighting systems on YouTobe. The video showed Sresky’s ATLAS series of solar street lights. The solar street light does not need to be connected to the wire, and it can still illuminate when the power is suddenly cut off. Moreover, solar street lights are more environmentally friendly and have no light pollution.

Thanks to the Bogotá government for its trust in Sresky.

ATLAS series solar street light has 3 lighting modes, users can adjust the lighting mode and lighting time according to seasonal changes or sunlight conditions.

This product has ALS technology, which can make solar street lights work for 8-10 days on rainy days. TCS technology can make the battery real can work in areas -20℃ to 60℃.

Product demonstration video


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