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Countries have made carbon-neutral commitments in the context of the gradual shortage of global resources and the climate crisis. Through vigorous development of low-carbon new energy, the traditional high-carbon energy supply system is gradually changed. The use of new energy has become the trend of world development.

Saudi Arabia strives to get rid of its excessive dependence on oil and fully develop solar power generation. Saudi Arabia ranks second globally best solar production area. As early as 2013, the main streets of Mecca began to install solar street lights. The Saudi government promotes energy-saving and sustainable development and encourages public and private projects to adopt energy-saving LED systems.

Recommend several solar garden wall lamps and solar street lights in Saudi Arabia

solar street light 

solar street lights in Saudi Arabia

Solar wall light types

Solar garden light types

Application advantages of solar lights in Saudi Arabia

The plan includes two stages and two goals. The first stage: By 2023, the new energy power generation installed capacity will reach 27.3GW.

In March 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it would build a 200,000-megawatt solar power plant project to promote solar energy development. It aims to produce more than 50% of the international solar energy by 2030. Saudi Arabia has good natural conditions for the development of solar and wind power. Saudi Arabia has sufficient sunshine conditions, with an average sunshine amount of 2200 kWh/m².

Compared with traditional lighting, solar lighting is more saving energy and environmentally friendly. Solar outdoor lighting does not need to maintain after the installation. Traditional lamps require buried wires and pipes, so many follow-up problems, such as line ageing, must be solved. Solar lamps use more energy-saving LED lamp beads and have a longer service life. The use of solar lamps is the best lighting solution.

Solar power led street lights systems are composed of solar panels, lithium batteries, solar controllers, LED light sources and light poles. The solar panel converts solar energy into electricity to produce powerful light for lighting at night. When the sky gradually darkens, the solar lamps will be turned on, from dusk to dawn.

The summer is hot, exceeding 38°C from June to August, even reaching 49°C, and the temperature in the Neizhi Desert is as high as 54°C. At the end of spring and early summer each year, northwest winds always bring severe sandstorms to the eastern region. According to Saudi climatic conditions, solar lamps with high-temperature resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance can be selected

Sresky’s solar lamps have a waterproof rating of IP65 and are corrosion resistant. Besides Sresky’s products have three core technologies, namely ALS technology, TCS technology, FAS technology.

ALS can automatically extend the lighting time, allowing solar lights to work as usual for 8-10 days on rainy days. And when the battery power (>30%) drops, the brightness can still maintain 100%.

TCS can protect the battery so that the solar light can work as usual at the temperature of -20℃-60℃.

FAS can provide timely feedback on the problems of solar lights and solve them efficiently.

Sresky’s products also have many different types, such as solar lamps with automatic cleaning, solar lamps with PIR motion sensors, solar lamps with several different modes, and multi-purpose solar lamps. Lamps, solar lamps with remote control. If you are interested, please click to learn more.

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