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In January 2009, the Russian Prime Minister signed a decree with the purpose is to make better use of renewable energy to increase the efficiency of the power sector. It is planned that the share of renewable energy in power generation will reach 1.5% in 2010, 2.5% in 2015, and 4.5% in 2020. ​In 2009, the Russian government formulated and passed the “Russian Federation Energy Strategy up to 2030”, which clarify the specific goals and supporting policies for the development and application of new energy.

As a new renewable energy source, solar energy is low cost, clean and environmentally friendly. The use of solar energy in the lighting system saves resources and is safe and environmentally friendly. The light source for local lighting applications in Russia is still dominated by traditional light. Indoors are mainly low colour temperature fluorescent lights and halogen lights, while LED filament lights are gradually increasing. Outdoors are metal halide lights and high-pressure sodium lights. In the low-pressure sodium light.

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Advantages of solar lights in Russia


Compared with traditional lights such as metal halide lights and high-pressure sodium lights, LED lights start quickly, are safer, and have a longer service life. Solar street lamps use solar energy while choosing low-carbon LED lighting. LED solar lights are environmentally friendly, easy to install, long service life. And have low maintenance costs, and are safe without wiring.

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning several climatic zones. The temperature difference across the country is generally large, the average temperature in January is -18℃~-10℃, and the average temperature in July is 11-27℃. Generally speaking, the winter is relatively cold in most parts of Russia, and the products must have the ability to withstand low temperatures.

From the vista of light conditions, the solar radiation in the near 50ºN is considerable, which is beneficial to the development of the solar energy industry. The areas that meet the conditions for using solar energy are mainly the North Caucasus, bordering the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, Siberia and the southern regions of the Far East, and so on.


Primorsky Krai is mostly mountainous, but there are also many plains, and mountainous areas account for 80% of the total area. The climate is humid and belongs to the temperate maritime monsoon climate, with warm springs and cold winters. The average temperature is from January to 12 to 30°C and from 14 to 21°C in July. When choosing solar lamps, the product should be stable at low temperatures in winter.

The northern part of Krasnodar Krai is a plain, and the southern part is a mountainous area. Most areas have a mild climate, with an average temperature of -3°C~5°C in January and an average temperature of 22°C~24°C in July. When installing solar lights in mountainous, should attend the stability of the rock formations, and the angle of the solar panels and cannot be blocked by mountains or trees.

Sverdlovsk region is composed of mountains and plains. Winter is long (from October of the first year to April of the following year) and cold. In January, the average temperature is from -20°C (in the north) to -15°C (in the south). In July, the average temperature is from 16°C (in the north) to 19°C (in the southeast). When choosing solar lamps, pay attention to the stability of the product at low temperatures in winter.


Sresky’s products have TCS constant temperature technology, which can make the solar light fixture work as usual at a temperature of -20℃-60℃. In addition, Sresky’s products also have ALS automatic lighting time extension technology, which can ensure that the solar light works as usual for 8-10 days in rainy . When the battery power drops (battery power> 30%), the brightness can still maintain 100%.





So for the Russian weather conditions, Sresky’s outdoor lighting can fully meet the conditions required when installing solar lights. When purchasing solar lights, the quality and price of the products are our first consideration, but a complete after-sales service system is also very important.

Sresky’s solar power led street lights have a higher cost performance, a longer warranty period and a more complete after-sales system. The FAS technology developed by Sresky can solve your after-sale problems in time and no longer make you wait for a long time.



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