What are the types of solar street lights?

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Solar street lights can be summarized as follows:

solar street light

(1) Lithium battery solar street light.

(2) Battery solar street light.

(3) Municipal complementary solar street lights.
(4) Wind-solar complementary solar street lights.
(5) Solar street lights with ethnic characteristics.
The types of solar street lights are divided according to the place of use: solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar landscape lights, etc.
The types of solar street lamps are divided according to the number of lamp heads: single head, double head, and multi-head can also be divided into high and low arms and balance arms
The types of solar street lights can also be divided according to the number of meters, wattage, etc.
     One: According to the working voltage of the solar street lamp circuit system is divided into the 12V system, 24V system, 36V system, and 48V system. According to the battery type classification, it can be divided into lead battery solar street light and lithium battery solar street light.
2: Wind-solar complementary street light system: Bringing light to our nightlife. The beautiful street lights now decorate the city at night with much more variety. However, street lamps are a large power-consuming household. Due to the long low-voltage transmission lines of street lamps, not only street lamps consume power, but also the power consumption of transmission lines.

Three: Specifications are classified according to the height of solar street lights: 6 meters solar street lights, 7 meters solar street lights, 8 meters solar street lights, 10 meters solar street lights, 12 meters solar street lights, and so on.

solar street light

Four: according to the type of light source: energy-saving high-power integrated LED, rare earth high-efficiency energy-saving lamp, can be configured according to customer requirements.