Disadvantages of solar street lights

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The lead environmental protection of solar street lights is imperative
With the improvement of electric vehicles, solar street lights, and off-grid power stations, the use of colloidal batteries is also increasing. A report has written before that a rechargeable battery is discarded in a river. After the rechargeable battery melts, all rivers and rivers The lead exceeding standards are all exceeding the standard. Imagine the same for small rechargeable batteries, so how much air pollution will be caused by all one lead-acid battery! What's more, the number of electric vehicles and solar street lights is extremely large today. Maintaining ecological and environmental protection starts with me. We must work together to leave a piece of pure land for future generations.

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Solar street lamp batteries are an important source of lead air pollution. Many large, medium, and small battery manufacturers produce and process many batteries during the day and night. The lead that is sleeping on road slopes and underground is also continuously mined every day and undergoes refinement LED street lights, into the respiratory system of the food web.

After the Chernobyl incident, in addition to nuclear pollution in all Chernobyl areas, the subsequent lead air pollution is also a serious air pollutant that harms all ecological and environmental protection. Ways to harm more and more areas.

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We use lead-acid batteries to obtain convenience and speed. Do you still remember that it is imperative to maintain a good geographical environment, and cannot allow a lot of lead to enter people's living areas It is a very important link?

The solution of lead-acid batteries for solar street lamps is also a very important research topic at present