Luminaire installation, grounding protection and safety measures for solar garden lights

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What are the installation, grounding protection and safety measures of solar garden lights? The following will be introduced one by one by the solar landscape lamp manufacturers.

Solar garden light installation

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(1) Use lamps and light sources according to design requirements. All bulbs should have product certification. It is strictly forbidden to expose the wiring inside the lamp, and the lamp accessories are complete.

(2) Check whether the bulb meets the requirements according to the installation site, check the wiring in the bulb, the bulb must be firmly installed, the position is correct, neat and beautiful, and the wiring is correct. Bulbs above 3KG must be pre-magnesium hooks or bolts, and the metal shell of bulbs below 2.4M should be grounded.

(3) After the installation is completed, measure the insulation resistance of each branch, and then energize. After turning on the power, you should carefully check whether the lamp control device is flexible and ready. This switch corresponds to the control sequence of the lamp. If you find a problem, you must first turn off the power and then find the cause of the problem.

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light

Ground protection and safety measures of solar garden lights:

(1) The grounding protection adopts TT mode, and there is a closed-loop artificial grounding device around the outdoor light box. The ground electrode uses 50 * 50 * 5L2500 hot-dip galvanized angle steel, the connecting wire uses 40 * 4 hot-dip galvanized flat steel, the ground electrode spacing is 5m, the buried depth is 0.8m, and the grounding resistance is not greater than 10 ohm.

(2) The grounding terminals of all lamps in the system have been connected to the PE busbar of the lighting box, and they are grounded after being reliably connected through the PE cable.

(3) In order to prevent lightning overvoltage, a first-level surge protector is installed in the outdoor lighting box.