Briefly explain the solution of solar street lights can not be illuminated at night

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Solar street light is now a priority product for outdoor street light lighting. Solar street light is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and easy to install, but even so, there may be some failures. Today, the editor compiled some reasons and solutions for the failure of the solar street light maintenance at night to use the lighting normally. I hope to help users of solar street lights find or solve problems.

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After the solar street light is installed, it does not turn on after a period of use. When encountering this situation, we first check the indicator of the controller. If neither indicator is on, most of the time the controller is broken, and the problem may be caused by the system. For strong current shocks, such as direct lightning strikes or short circuits, the solution is to contact the supplier for after-sales maintenance or worse the controller.

If the controller indicator shows normal discharge, and the battery detection voltage is normal. In this case, it is recommended that the positive and negative poles of the solar street light be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing. If it still fails to discharge, it may be caused by damage to the drive of the lamp or the rectifier. For the cause, contact the manufacturer.

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Lastly, see if the controller shows under-voltage status. After dark, the street light does not work normally. Check that the battery voltage has exceeded the Undervoltage value, but it shows that the battery has power. Here we must be clear. For a 24v solar street light system, the Undervoltage protection value controller defaults to about 22.2v. When the battery voltage drops to this voltage point, the controller will automatically turn off the power and stop discharging. The purpose is mainly to protect the battery prevents the battery from being over-discharged and damages the battery, which affects the use of solar street lights.
When the battery is under voltage, if the controller is not restarted, the battery is under voltage between 22.2v-24v. The solution is to restart the controller. The solar panel will not work until the solar panel recharges the battery to more than 24v.
The above are some solutions compiled by our editors. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Our company is a professional maintenance and production of solar street light manufacturers. We have been in the industry for fifteen years, and we are a reliable quality solar street light.