How to improve the contrast of solar street lights?

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Due to its low-carbon environmental protection, ecological civilization construction, energy conservation, and environmental protection, solar street lights are currently mainly used in highway engineering, beautiful rural construction, etc., and have been recognized by everyone. However, the difference between a solar street light and a traditional street light is that the solar street light supplies power to the street light power distribution system based on converting light waves into electrical energy. Then nature will consider whether the solar street light will cause insufficient saturation due to the average temperature.

solar street lights

In order to increase the saturation of LEDs, some manufacturers all immediately increase the power of LED lights, but they do not understand that it will cause damage to LED LED beads and destroy road lights. Today, the web editor will explain to everyone the difficulty of how to improve the saturation of solar street lights.

Review lighting saturation when buying street lights

Before you buy road street lights, you must conduct in-depth investigations, especially for wholesale street lights. In the beginning, you should find a few street light manufacturers with sound professional qualifications, visit the factory to personally survey the questionnaire report, do more comparisons, and choose one that you prefer. Manufacturer cooperation. The relevant manufacturers ’saturation, height, and expected effects of lighting equipment are all in your hands, to give you reasonable road and street light configurations, and allow them to make a template to look at the expected effects before reviewing. If the saturation requirement is as high as possible, the wattage of the light source can be configured a little larger to prevent the difficulty of insufficient saturation after installation in advance.

The solar power station has insufficient digestion and absorption

On rainy days, the lack of saturation of lighting equipment due to insufficient solar power stations digested and absorbed by solar photovoltaic panels. General street lamp manufacturer lights Solar street lights can guarantee 7 days of rain. It is all during installation. If there are obstructions around, it will also cause insufficient solar photovoltaic panels to digest and absorb solar power stations, and endanger lighting equipment saturation. Therefore, during installation, if there is obstruction, the height of the street lamp can be appropriately reduced to avoid obstruction.

Fully automatic inspection

The solar street lights are controlled by the controller and do not need to be cleared by the staff, but everyone still checks as fully as possible to properly handle the problems existing in Tianyang Energy street lights and find that the damaged areas should be repaired immediately. If the solar photovoltaic panels have not been eliminated for a long time, If so, it is sometimes necessary to clear the spectrum solar photovoltaic panels.