The use of solar garden lights in garden design

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As one of the ways to effectively use solar energy, solar garden lights are more and more recognized by customers because of their energy saving, high safety, high design, and novelty, especially in garden design and private gardens. Today we will talk about solar landscape lights in landscape design and landscape applications.

Solar Lamp

    As an important part of garden design, solar garden lights are in various forms. The organic integration of garden landscape and solar garden lights often reflects the unique connotations of a region's economy, culture, customs, and habits. a window. In some open parks, the green space lighting system has become an important part of the “lighting project” and has received more and more attention.

    The solar garden lights in the garden not only refer to the garden lighting but also use the blending of the night color and the light to form a different landscape concept. Landscape lights can reflect local economic strength and cultural taste. There are many classifications of landscape lights. According to different landscape functions, landscape lights are used in different ways.

    The water scenic area generally belongs to the core landscape area of the park. Whether it is a dynamic waterscape or static waterscape, it is an important object of solar garden lighting. A large area of static water can be placed in the circular ring light in the garden. The soft light highlights the static beauty, and the reflection of the light can be used to map the reflection of the shore to the water surface. If the landscape light is installed at the bottom of the water flow, some water bodies can cover the exposed landscape lights, and the light can be projected on the water body to form a variety of different landscape effects, giving the beating water a variety of changing colors.

Solar Lamp

    Solar garden lights in plant growing areas are generally illuminated by floodlighting, depending on the tree or tree species. The tall trees are hidden in the trees and shine from the bottom to the leaves, outlining the tree clearer. The low and dense shrubs can be used with a frontal projection to show the appearance of a dark background.

The landscape nodes are generally more prominent. There are two kinds of lighting methods for the solar garden lights that can be used for the main attractions. One is to place the lamps on the ground or underground, and the other is to set up the lighting columns. Create sharp outlines with shadows or different shades of color. Including pavilions, corridors, flower stands, characteristic buildings, etc., when arranging the landscape lights, the morphological features of the landscape points and the surrounding environment should be combined with the floodlights to illuminate the main part of the structure or the walls and columns, resulting in a weakening from bottom to top. The light changes show the multi-faceted beauty of the landscape and choose the appropriate light color to emphasize the texture and color of the scene, which is mainly comfortable and elegant.

Garden road lighting is the main part of the fluent theme of the park. Different garden roads have strict requirements for using solar garden lights. For the main road, safety lighting is required, both of which use high brightness and continuous illumination to clarify road conditions for vehicles and pedestrians. The secondary or recreational route needs to create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, with soft light, but at the same time can not ignore the safety of the road.

    Garden design is art and life, and solar garden lights are indispensable as the most important part of the overall design. It is believed that with the more novel design and the constantly updated iteration of technology, the application of landscape lights will be more extensive, and will enter thousands of households at a faster and more favorable price.